17th of August, 2017 – Pheidole Megacephala

Call me crazy

So last week I got my two Pheidole Megacephala colony with four queens each and I merged them. this week I thought “why stop now?” so I went to the Myants.de shop and bought another three queen colony and actually got FIVE QUEENS! and so much brood!

I’ve instantly put the test tube into the Outworld and just opened it. I didn’t prepare anything I just put them in and watched what would happen. Most of the workers rushed out of the test tube and it looked so hasty that I expected some fights but all they did was instantly moving the queens.

It was hard to keep track of what was happening but I think two queens went straight into the nest and the other three kinda struggled. One even went to the completely wrong side of the outworld which is a 60cm Journey but eventually found the way back and into the nest. While writing this I looked down to the outworld several times and actually saw a queen running around in it. I don’t think that one of the ones already in the nest left so it could be a sixth queen!

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