10th of September, 2017 – Pheidole Megacephala

Brood *.*

So! It has been quite a while since I have made my last post but I just blame it on several different reasons instead of my laziness. Since the last megacephala update there has been not that much but brood to be honest. I couldn’t really see a difference in population itself but the brood pile got bigger and bigger. I expect the first bigger hatching to take place soon.

As you can see here there are some freshly enclosed majors in the main brood chamber. There are now several brood chamber, every picture here is a different one.

It very weird that they spread the larvae all across the nest over several chambers but the eggs and pupae are both in the main chamber.

Another weird thing I could observe is that they brought out a lot of dead ants and just dropped them in the middle of the Outworld. I tried to clean it but shortly after cleaning it they had brought out more.

meep meep

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