13th of October, 2017 – Atta Sexdens

They’re back on track

So in the past week, the Atta, as stated before, were not doing very good and not cutting leaves at all. I ask the seller about advice and he recommended me to lower the temperature from 25°C down to 23°C, which I did, and try to push the humidity as much as possible. The fungus is the most sensitive part of an Atta colony and needs special climate. I actually didn’t really do anything to increase the humidity besides carrying out his other recommendation of giving the ants some sand-loam mixture instead of the granulate they had in their fungus container. I immediately gave them the rest of some I had left and placed it in a corner of the fungus container, then I actually forced moved the whole colony my just picking up the fungus and placing it on the wet sand-loam mixture. I then covered the fungus with the bottom of a plastic bottle again to allow the ants to maintain a high humidity. It didn’t even take six hours for the ants to cut leaves again. I am very happy to see my Atta colony do better again and already ordered some more sand-loam mixture to cover the whole fungus container.

Aditional I can present the second container for the setup!

On the left is the fungus container and on the right the future feeding container. I already connected them even though I do expect the ants to even go there in the near future. You can also see the plastic bottle bottom which is covering the fungus and the sand-loam mixture which is beige. In the future, I will add more container, first for their garbage and then for more foraging space or nesting area depending on their needs.

I am super happy to see them do well again and hope the best for the future


Also, I think I really need to get less dramatic.

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