6th of March, 2018 – Atta Sexdens

It is finally the time for a new update on Atta Sexdens! It has been forever since the last one but now it is back on.

The Atta had some very decent growth in both fungus size and population. My estimate of foraging media working is at around 15-25 which is incredible to me since I remember how they were down to three in total, but in the last few weeks they have been thriving and cutting like crazy. I am so happy, that these ants are no out of the critical first phase where the fungus could just collapse every second. I am very confident that this colony is going to grow and grow and cause me many headaches in the future.

Here’s a peek into their nest. The fungus has a very nice colour, I’d say it’s even perfect. The white fluffy stuff itself is the fungus and the black (actually very dark green) parts under it are the leaves on which the fungus grows.

Here you can see their trash mountain in a corner of their main glass container.

Here you can see the last three meals I gave them. The left one is the most recent one which I gave them yesterday on the 5th of March. The one on the top right is from the 4th of March and the lower right one, which is already super dried up is from the 3rd of March.

And I just wanted to add this little trooper since she is cute.


In addition, I wanted to show how fast the fungus changes, it often only takes one or two days before you can see a difference. This example is not the most obvious one but I assume it should be enough to show how much these little girls work on just four days.
This picture is from the 2nd of March:

And this one is from the 6th of March: It is not a huge difference in this example but you can still see how the shape changed at the top and at the left side of the fungus.

I also plan on changing their plastic cover since the current one seems to get too small.

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