Anttology – A story about ants


A story about ants


Queen Attastasia Sexdens daughter of Attara goddes
s of leaves
a bunch of peasants

Foreword: This is a story about a colony of Atta Sexdens kept by Belph from
I actually never wanted to even name my ants but after some pressure from two users out of the Ants & Ant-Keeping Discord called Izar and Aaron I decided to name my queen Attastasia coming from Anastasia… but with the Atta part. Seconds later I thought of using Sexdens as her surname. Also calling the whole colony “peasant”
was a suggestion by Serafine also from the Ants & Ant-keeping Discord.


Chapter 1 – Arrival

Dark, cold and unpleasant. That is how Attastasia Sexdens, daughter of the goddess of leaves Attara arrived in the unknown valley. Before even thinking of relief, she attends to her people and ensured that everyone was alive and healthy. The people were exhausted and weak but still alive and eager to build. Attastasia ordered some of her stronger, bigger people to scout around the area while she looked over the food resources they brought with them. It wasn’t much. Barely enough to feed half of her people, but she knew that she couldn’t show any her fear. It would discourage the folk. She decided to keep a strict but friendly facade. The scouts came back and talked of a small dungeon with a fresh leaf just next to it. Attastasia packed the food resources immediately began to travel towards the described dungeon and all her people followed her. Arriving at the dungeon Attastasia ordered the strong ones to cut the leaf into small pieces and took the small ones with her into the Dungeon to secure the area and prepare a place to settle. “This is it,” she thought “this is the place where my village shall stand” and so the village of Queen Attastasia was founded. The scouts came back with cut pieces of leaves in between their jaws. Without even waiting for orders they gave it to the weaker members of the group and asked them to convert it to the Fungus which they all used as the main food resource. Queen Attastia notice the bad condition the dungeon was in. partially open walls, loose rocks and dry cold air. She asked her most loyal scout if they could fulfil the dangerous task to secure the dungeons nest entrance. She couldn’t risk her people getting hurt during their daily duty! The scout, with all his love for the queen, wandered off into the darkness of night, even though it could mean his death, but a loyal scout had to serve his purpose, his purpose of preventing harm to the village. After working all night it was almost done. He, the most loyal scout, secured the walls and close possible entrances for enemies and built a long round tunnel leading to the dungeons main and only chamber. The following day was haunted by hunger and weakness. The villages food resources, the delicious fungus queen Attastasia got from her mother and which she grew since then to feed upon went bad and would lead to sickness if consumed. With scattered moral, the whole village fell into a state of depression and grief. No one had the energy to work, the only thing to do was to wait for the inevitable end.

Chapter 2 – A gift from above

It has been over a day since anyone in the village had something to eat and the queen and all her loyal followers awaited the inevitable end. Now and then someone attempted to find a piece of good fungus between all the rotten and stinking mush that is left of it, but no one had luck and soon even the last spark of hope stop flickering in the hearts of everyone. Queen Attastasia accepted her fate and was ready to leave this space in which she had arrived not long ago. Hours of burning silence followed. Suddenly and without signs of a change in weather, the air around the village went dry and cold. Almost like something sucked out all that is good and left only what was dark and uncomfortable. The earth shook. Then there was that smell, that just too familiar smell. Could it be? Is that the smell of the fungus we are all eagerly long for. Some of the folks ran out to see what was going on. A huge and strange looking crystal ship was laying right in front of the dungeon’s entrance. With caution, the first scouts approached it to see what was inside. And for their surprise, it really was the fungus, the delicious fungus! The scouts ran into the ship without even thinking about observing the strange object some more. Inside the scouts realised how much of their beloved food it was. More than they’ve ever seen in their entire life! Without thinking the first scout back some of it with his jaws and was ready to bring into the dungeon to show everyone what they just discovered. As the scout was about to leave the strange object something grabbed her leg. In shock, she dropped the piece of fungus turned around and just blindly bit into whatever she could get. To his surprise it was one of his now, at least that is what she looked like but now… there was something… an unfamiliar smell. Quickly she realised that this wasn’t one of her own, she was a stranger. With a swift move, the scout beheaded the unfamiliar attacker. Not without a cost. Her leg was hurt and so was her excitement for their discovery. She and all the witnesses screamed out for battle and everyone in the village could hear it. And so a war for food between our queen’s followers and the newly arrived opponents started. The fights were brutal with losses on both sides but in only minutes it was clear that the queen’s scout had the upper hand. In the end, if it was rather a slaughter than a war. With scouts from the queen’s village splitting the rivals into two with ease. It was done. The fungus was theirs. Exhausted the scouts tumbled around while the queen’s maidens carried some of the fungi over to their queen. It was clear that it would take days to carry everything over to the queen’s chamber but now they had something to eat again.